Challenges Our Clients Face
Troubled organizations face a multitude of problems aside from the inability to earn revenue. The focus of the business is redirected from providing products and services to customers to keeping the company afloat. These problems can include:

» Consistent net losses
» Staffing cuts
» Low customer retention
» High staff turnover
» Low employee morale

Our Approach
One Stone understands that resolving company duress can be inherently time-sensitive. When addressing turnaround engagements, there are several critical steps we must take:

» Perform a current-state analysis of the affected areas of the business
» Calculate the financial impact to the business
» Develop a turnaround strategy

One Stone’s first priority when performing a business turnaround is to provide a level of contentment to ease the anxiety among company leadership. From there, we assess the nature of the problem and begin working towards a solution.

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