Challenges Our Clients Face
When running a successful company, it’s easy to get lost in the daily functions of the business. Operations audits give our clients the opportunity to listen to the pulse of their company. One Stone Consulting works with companies to identify causes of concern before they grow and become full-fledged problems such as:

» Flat or declining growth
» Poor financial management
» Inefficiencies within departments
» Rising operational costs
» Ineffective leadership

Our Approach
We commence all operations audits by utilizing COMARTM, our proprietary data gathering and analysis tool. This approach will consist of a 5-step process:

» Gathering intel on company operations
» Developing visual maps & process diagrams
» Perform qualitative and quantitative analyses
» Craft recommendations & implementation plan
» Present final report to the Executive Team

Once completed, then the real work begins. One Stone will move on to the execution phase to ensure that the strategies and financial benefits to your company are realized as they were intended.

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