Challenges Our Clients Face
The role of Chief Operating Officer is multi-faceted. In addition to managing the daily operations of the company, the COO serves as a partner and information source to the CEO, a change agent for the business, and an executor of the CEO’s strategic vision. Growing and emerging companies who lack this key leadership position face several obstacles including:

» Managing daily operations
» Poor financial management
» Undefined staff roles & objectives
» Under-performing business units
» Outdated/non-existent Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
» Procurement & vendor management issues

Our Approach
One Stone Consulting understands the symbiotic relationship between a Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer. In the COO role, we serve as the bridge between the CEO and the rest of the management team. This function will involve:

» Collaboration with the CEO to develop the organization’s strategic action plan
» Partnership with the CFO to ensure financial & operational strategies align
» Establishing policies and procedures
» Identifying gaps and risk opportunities
» If serving in an interim capacity, defining COO role objectives for prospective permanent hire

Our focus is to assume the management of the daily business operations to allow the CEO to focus on the strategic vision and long-term goals of the company.

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