Challenges Our Clients Face
People, parts, and processes must all work in cohesion to ensure that the organization can perform its daily revenue-generating functions. One disruption in the process can send your ability to conduct business spiraling out of control. Project management can prove challenging to even the most experienced project managers, especially when balancing projects with daily business activities. Poor project management can ultimately lead to:

» Projects “In the Red” (over budget, behind schedule)
» Scope creep
» Missed deadlines
» Wasted resources
» Lack of useful reporting

Our Approach
The One Stone Approach to projects is like conducting an orchestra; there are many people with different functions and skills which must be brought together to accomplish a single objective. We will utilize our vast project toolkit to guarantee project success including:

» Constructing the Project Plan
» Development of Key Performance Indicators
» Resource capacity modeling
» Budget allocation and forecasting
» Status report & dashboard creation

Walt Jones, CEO of One Stone Consulting, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) who is well-versed in the ideologies set forth by the Project Management Institute.

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