Challenges Our Clients Face
Companies of all sizes are faced with business challenges everyday. Challenges such as changes in customer tastes, increasing costs, or antiquated service models can cause uncertainty, impulsiveness, and discord among company leadership. These challenges can arise from activities to include:

» Strategic Plan development
» Seed/Series fund planning
» Budget planning
» New business division, product, or service
» Action Plan development

Our Approach
Strategic planning is a partnership between One Stone and company leadership. Communication is critical throughout the process to ensure that the vision and goals for the organization’s future are captured, and that the plan for implementation is inclusive. We begin every engagement with a kickoff meeting which includes:

» Finalizing scope; establishing objectives and schedule
» Confirmation of allocated resources
» Identify necessary data & documentation
» Risk management planning; identify potential roadblocks
» Establish communication plan

From here, we move on to data gathering and plan development. However, it doesn’t end with the plan. Proper plan execution is vital to the organization’s growth. Click here to read more about our project management solutions.

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