As stated in our Core Values, we believe in transparency. We put honesty and integrity above all else. Unlike other consulting firms, we publish our consulting fees. Like any other investment, our clients feel more comfortable when they know up front what an investment in their future will look like.






2 hour minimum

Great for strategy sessions, workshops, consultations.


*Starting @ $3,500/month

Priority Status

Reserved for Select Clients

Great for on-call consultations, client/time-sensitive issues, crisis management.


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One fixed price

Billed monthly

Special pricing for Nonprofits & NGOs

Great for short/long-term projects, onsite engagements, time-intensive projects


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Reduced fixed monthly fee

Pay for performance

Great for revenue or cost-driven engagements

*Consulting fees do not include other direct costs such as travel, lodging, printing, etc.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Walt has the wonderful knack to break down complex topics into engaging and wonderful training sessions. He can do this anywhere in the world. At The Hope Factory we really were engaged the entire time through a training session of Process Mapping. He made it possible for the whole team to draw up their own processes following the session."


CEO - The Hope Factory

"One Stone is a pivotal resource for any company looking to change the structure and practices of businesses that have become stagnant. Their approach to problem-solving is bar none and without reproach. Walt is a brilliant strategist who challenged me to make some tough decisions for the betterment of my company."


CEO - KDG Advertising

"Having worked with Walt for over 5 years across multiple consulting projects that were defined as “a quick fix”, I am continuously impressed with his ability to assess the entirety of what a problem represents – fluently. The skill to assess problems as strategic enablers for continuous improvement and opportunities to advance best practices, protocols and standard operating procedures takes years to develop as a consultant but is seemingly natural to Walt."


Sr. Project Manager - Neighborhood Works