Hire My First Employee“I can’t wait until I hire my first employee!” A common phrase uttered by new business owners. Hiring your first employee signifies growth, which is why it’s such an important milestone. It’s viewed as “I have more business than I can handle so it’s time to hire help.” When starting the hiring process, how many of us properly evaluate our situation to make sure we are hiring for the job we need done?

First step, take an inventory of all the work you’re currently doing, down to the smallest task. You need to see all of the duties that go into running your company. Next, rank all of these in order of importance, everything from business development, procurement, marketing, bookkeeping, sales, administrative, etc.

Next up, list how much time you currently allocate to each task (either percentages of time, or hours of the week). This helps you see if you are actually spending your time where you should be. Once completed, this will require some self-reflection, list your competency level for each if the duties. Are you great at marketing, do you struggle with keeping your financials updated?

Lastly, note which ones you absolutely despise doing. These are usually the tasks we spend the least amount of time on, but they can often be very important. They may rank high on your list but you will notice the time allocation may be very low because of our disdain for these tasks.

Once you’ve completed this data compilation, start analyzing. For instance, if bookkeeping, ordering, and administrative tasks are taking up a large amount of your time, consider hiring an administrative assistant. If you don’t like networking and prospecting but it ranks high on your list, your first hire may need to be a business development person.

The goal when trying to hire your first employee is not just about lightening the workload, you want to fill a need. Depending on the strength of the hire, they may be able to take on some additional duties. Focus on the needs of the business and you’ll make that right hire.

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